Local Heroes

We Will Remember Them
An Extraordinary Sacrifice of a Generation
WWI   1914-1918

By: Arlene Colman, Poppy & Remembrance Chairman

From 2014 through 2018 we mark the 100th anniversary of the battles of  WWI. This war  reached out and touched almost everyone’s life in some way. We were not immune here Fenelon Falls and neighbouring communities, 57 of our men were killed in action.  Parents lost sons, wives lost husbands, children lost their father, brothers and sisters lost a brother and the fallen lost a life full of potential and promise. Most of their names are carved in stone on our cenotaph.

Those who go to war at the request of their Nation do not know the fate that awaits them. WWI was a war of such overwhelming sound, fury and unremitting horror. They went off to battle in the summer and were to be home by Christmas.  Instead, the misery went on for years. WWI was described as the war to end all wars.  As history shows it did not.

The names of these young men of our community, listed on the Roll of Honour below, answered the call when needed and served with courage and valour. The majority of them were farmers under the age of 25. They sacrificed the comforts, love and safety of home in order to defend the rights and freedoms of others. All paid with their lives.

Over time, will we introduce you to each of these native sons with a short biography of each man. As their bio is added to this site, their names will be highlighted by a link – click on their names to access more info. By getting to know them and their families you will be better able to understand the depth of the loss, the gratitude we owe them and the need to remember them.