Loonie Auction

Loonie Auction

It’s official! Back by popular demand, our 2nd Loonie Auction has an official date: June 18th—mark your calendars.

Judging by the turnout last fall, this event promises to be a full house, so please get your tickets now. There are only a limited number available, as our hall capacity is restricted by the local fire code. Tickets are only $5 and are available NOW at the bar. The event starts at 5 pm sharp—doors open at 4 pm for preview and seating. Don’t be disappointed!

For those who are unfamiliar— a Loonie Auction has a limited number of big ticket items, usually around 15 to keep the evening manageable. Each ‘bid’ costs you a Loonie, and buys you a ‘number’. Bid as often as you want. When bidding closes, a draw is made and if you hold the winning number, you win the item! This is a good opportunity to win a big ticket item for only a buck or two.

In addition, there will also be a Country Auction running concurrently. These are smaller items, and this auction runs similar to our silent auction table. Place your bid on any item(s); during the evening, the tables will close and the highest bidders win the item(s).

Your ticket also includes a light supper, and of course the bar is open. This event is open to members and the general public.

Loonie Auction

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